April Sun

Horse riding was interrupted last weekend by an April snow storm bringing cold winds and  six inches of new snow. The puddles of water standing everywhere are frozen solid with a snow covering. This morning the sun was bright, but the temperature is as cold as December.  Robins, whose migration was also interrupted by the storm, are sitting hunched up all over the place trying maximize their down. Yet cold as it is, there is a welcome, delectable difference between the January sun that offers only cold, white light with no apparent warmth, and the April sun that offers a slight suggestion that green grass and bright flowers are coming.  I can only feel it’s warmth on my cheeks, but it penetrates to my heart.

Molly and I, encouraged by the April sun, went for a horse ride.  Titan was pushy and difficult until we round penned.  Dina-mite seemed to enjoy spending some time with Molly.

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