Meet Dina-mite or Mighty-Dina our gray, Arabian, six year old filly, barely 14 hands high.  My twelve year old friend Molly has been riding her since last summer.  Dina came here as a three year old with no training and very little handling. She was very wild. She had not been halter broken.  Her previous owner thought it was a wonder that I managed to get her in the trailer, and indeed I think it may have been a miracle.

We haven’t introduced her to a bit yet, but that will be soon.  Today I free lounged her in the round pen, groomed her, picked up her feet and messed with her ears a little bit because that is a scary spot for her and she needs to learn that we mean no harm.  Finally, Dina and I went on a trail ride.

She answers stress by pushing to go fast, but she isn’t jiggy. She is heavy on the bosal, but she bends at the pole with a little reminder.  Our immediate goals for her will be to leave her stress behind and to lighten up to our hands.  We will soon introduce the bit, the vaquero way, that is only to carry it and get used to the feel of it for a while, but double reining we will continue to use the bosal and mecate’.

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