Training Log: Kiwi day nineteen ninth ride

Training Log: Kiwi and Winter Wonderland Photos

Monday, January 03, 2011

The intermittent shooting that goes on during deer hunting season, not to mention the possibility of being mistaken for a deer, less daylight, ice storms and blizzards, Christmas and New Years piled together disrupt my riding schedule every year from mid November until after the holidays.  However, as you can see by the pictures, Molly, Mary Beth and I managed to enjoy the winter wonderland from the backs of our horses.

In the past I take a break from training my two-year-olds  at the opening of deer hunting season and resume the following spring.  While allowing for severe weather and ice conditions common in this neighborhood, I hope to depart from my normal custom and continue Kiwi’s light, gentle training regimen right through the winter.  Today I commenced with Kiwi after a six week break.  As I expected, aside from being a little extra tense, she performed as I left her-following our training pattern without any difficulty.

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