September 1/2019 day 18

Kimi and I have been training every day but Saturday.

The daily routine has become very similar with the exception of some great milestones like a lighter rein-back. There are no meltdowns or bucking fits to report. I’m happy about this, but it doesn’t make for a very interesting blog.

Today, as every day lately I have taken the regular ride up George’s driveway and back.  At first, Kimi was very slow to the point of balking. I wiggled the leather end of the mecate’ around and touched his right haunch, he immediately stepped up his pace and didn’t freak out.

As every day, we practiced rein-back. He was very light and seemed to be willing to back up as long as I asked him to. He trotted every time I asked without hesitation. He had a little difficulty making the adjustment to a canter and as soon as I stopped encouraging the gait he went back to a trot.

It was a good ride today. Kimi is this starting to feel pretty stable.

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