Kimi 8/19 day 7

…outside of the round pen, I lunged him again and rode him…

Today, he stood calmly for the saddle. When the saddle was secure I lunged him briefly two or three rounds. He was attached to me with the mecate.’ (the bosal is a rawhide band that wraps around the nose loosely with the mecate’ a combination of a lead and reins.) I got on and rode around in the pen again briefly. I wanted to make sure everything was comfortable for him.

Finally, I led him outside of the round pen and lunged him again, and rode him around the larger pen. He moved very slowly, but he generally went where I  directed.

Often times colts and fillies once they have gotten a little used to being mounted move cautiously and slowly with a rider onboard. I am patient with that behavior. I want a beginner to get used everything. The colts and fillies gradually speed up on their own with steady riding.

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