Kimi 8/18   day 6

Kimi was allowed a Sabbath rest. Sunday we were back in training.

Our session started by brushing him for 5 minutes or so. But as I was about to put the saddle on the (blanket already in place) he bolted and ran from me, of course, we were in the round pen he couldn’t get far. I put the saddle down and encouraged him to run. In a few minutes, he was licking and chewing and bobbing his head all signs of submission. I stopped and turned my back to him and he came up behind me and touched my shoulder with his nose. This time as I was putting saddle and blanket on, he stood patiently allowing me to tighten the girth. I lounged him again, but only two or three the round pen.


I mounted and rode him around in the pen for about10 minutes. I worked on halting, moving out and turning to the direction I asked him to go. He didn’t arch his back or show any kind of resistance. He walked very slowly as if he was taking care of me.

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