Kimi 8/14 day 3

The bugs weren’t harassing us. It was a cooler day. I worked at ground driving first with a snaffle bit and then with the bosal.  I could definitely see that he was treating me like the lead horse. During my first lessons with Kimi, he seemed so unafraid that I thought he might be sizing me up to see if he could be my leader, but today the third day; I could clearly see that he respected my space and he also wanted to be close to me following me.

When I rode him he was bareback. I did not use the bosal. I allowed him to just stand there. I did not push him to move. However, I moved around. I was moving my legs, stroking his neck with my hands. He was not stressed. He didn’t arc or stiffened his back.

Of all the horses that I have trained, I’ve never experienced one who was this comfortable with the first saddling and after a bareback ride.

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