Kimi 8/12 day 1

Kimi 8/12


Kimi means  (Swift Thunder) in a Plains Indian language.

I received Kimi 8/12/2019 for training. My guess as to his height and weight is about 15.3 hands and about 1100 pounds. His breeding Bashkir Curly and Mustang.

In the round pen, he was unusual because he was not afraid. Although he started to show signs of submission after about 20 minutes like other horses. At that point, he followed me to the middle of the pen. I put the saddle on him. He stood quietly with no restraint, as I threw the saddle on his back and then cinched up. When I asked him to trot again, now with a saddle on, he showed no sign of fear or discomfort. This was very unusual. He did not buck or even arch his back when I asked him to trot on. After a few rounds around the pen, I asked him to stop. Again he followed me to the middle of the round pen. When I took the saddle off; I got on his back. I didn’t totally commit myself by throwing my right leg over rather I laid across his back and wiggled around. He showed no concern.

Kimi’s composure with me driving him in the round pen, receiving the saddle, and finally receiving my weight calmly and without fear has never happened to me before with a horse with no previous experience. He followed me around in the round pen as I gathered up my tack and then I turned him loose for the night.

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