Training Mission

After the training session with Taj, I got out Mission. He is three. His dam was Fanny and his sire was Titan. I have been intermittent with his training. I started his training last fall, but not often enough to have very many sessions with him. In the sessions, I’ve been getting him used to the saddle which he continues to buck.

I have been leading him rather than riding him down the driveway. At this stage I don’t want to get in an argument with him about leaving the farm. Finally a little past the end of our quarter-mile driveway I mount bareback and ride him back to the barn. He doesn’t buck or protest, but he has tried to bite me twice by turning his head back to bite my leg. That behavior is new for me. I don’t think I’ve ever had a horse attempt bite me while I was riding him. Otherwise, he doesn’t arch his back or show any concern when I’m on him. On the way back to the barn we practiced walking quietly, turning, stopping and backing.


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