Training Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal received his name because my daughter, Josie, was traveling in India and visited the Taj Mahal on the day that he was born. At the moment, I don’t remember his exact birthday. Maybe Josie will have a record. I think it was May 2001 making him 17 years.

Taj Mahal’s dam was Dancer (100% Arabian) and sire was Stampin kid (75% Arabian and 25%” Saddlebred). Taj is about 16 hands. He is hot-blooded both in blood and attitude. My neighbor bought him from me in 2010 and kept him as a lawn ornament all these years. He has been fat and happy. I aim to change that leisurely life. I road him back to our place about a week ago and have been riding him every day.

He is very light to every touch making him very responsive, but he is worried and pushes to go faster. He backs up awkwardly and stops too soon.  I was trying to ride him through a gate which he was worried about and he backed up away from the gate with a great deal of dexterity, but when I asked him to back up he stepped awkwardly backward two steps. Right now my goal is to help him relax and trust me.

Training him before I kept a log, I forgot what his problems and strengths were. It’s new for me to be training an older horse. He obviously remembered at least some of the stuff I taught him. When I saddled and mounted him there was no hesitation or objection. He was light and responsive to my touch immediately.

It’ll be fun to see if I can teach an old dog new tricks.





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