Horse Training Rocky: June 1-8


I didn’t get to ride over the last weekend, but I have ridden Rocky last Thursday, Friday and every day this week up to Friday the 9th.

Rocky’s owner asked me if Rocky had an attitude. Perhaps Rocky’s owner meant something different,  but referring to stallions, I’ve never met a stallion that didn’t have an attitude, especially at his age–a prime youthful stallion. For me, this is what makes the stallion fun. Nevertheless, Rocky is a calm, level-headed stallion.

One thing I’ve noticed about the calm, level headed types is that after they’re used to riding a little and they are understanding the general procedures when being ridden they tend to slow down and perhaps get downright sluggish, even to the point of balking. This is a temporary condition. Nevertheless, it needs to be worked out. For a day or two it seemed like I was going to have to work that out of Rocky and maybe it’s not over yet. But today, he seemed energetic and compliant. Everything was fine.

While he roars and makes a scene when he is across the fence from a filly (which happens when he’s in the round pen), all I have to do is wave the whip and he focuses back on me,  says, “Yes, boss!” and gets back to work.

Today I rode him with a snaffle. At this stage of his training, the snaffle seems more precise. He is lighter in receiving a snaffle than a bosal, although he is not particularly heavy on either one.

This week Rocky was introduced to the snaffle, the canter and the pinwheel. Also, I introduced a roommate. Mission is a two-year-old stallion just old enough to start to think about fillies. I introduced him to Rocky. A horse is a herd animal they need a roommate.  The two together have turned out to be a good match and less trouble for me.



Yesterday when I took  Rocky into the round pen, Mission followed. I saddled Rocky and left Mission in the pen. In the meantime, the mares walked up to the round-pen fence rails and began flirting with Mission. Rocky and I were doing our usual training ride in the bigger pen. Rocky became about as upset as I’ve ever seen him. We were pushing the edge of a cowboy moment! I thought he was just having a bad day when I noticed the shenanigans in the round pen. We went back to the round pen and herded Mission out of the pen and away from the mares. After that Rocky was back to his pleasant self.

Apparently,  there was too much flirting poured out on Mission, even if they are best buddies, for Rocky to put up with.


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