Horse Training Log ‎8/‎23/‎16

DSCF9932 db 800Sophie

Today, same as yesterday, only about twice as long a ride. The biggest difference was that today her rein-back was nearly perfect every time. We cantered for the first time.


We worked exclusively in the riding pen. She is awkward or confused about the shoulder in. Other than that she works really well. She’s a little crabby today; I think she’s coming into her season.

About Me

Both Sophie and Pearl are very calm compared to what I’m used to with Arabs. I have no siblings to compare with Pearl. However, I’ve had several colts and fillies with the same sire and dam as Sophie. Sophie appears to be quite different. This makes me wonder if my judgment is correct. I mustn’t forget there is another factor to be considered. Perhaps I’ve changed. The trainer is an important part of the equation. When I was working with Ruby this spring, she was way more difficult than when I first trained her as a three-year-old. I was tempted to exasperation. She was so different from what I was expecting. I know impatience or anger is a destructive vice from the trainer. I made a conscious and willful effort to adjust my attitude to peace, confidence and faith. I told her so verbally continuously. This effort toward peace needs to be consistent. I built a habit. I thought I saw changes toward the good in her, but I definitely changed.

Perhaps I’m just seeing results of my personal character adjustments in Sophie and Pearl.



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  1. Joy says:

    Love the picture of Art and Kitty and the post for today!

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