Training Sophie Day 6 – 11,  Sunny Delight and Pearl

DSCF9796 wc800After the breakthrough on the fifth session (the last post), we repeated the circle game for two more days because she continued to run away when I presented the saddle. Finally, she stopped running and moved out only when I asked. We have had six sessions since the fifth session; they were very similar. We’ve taken a trail ride down the county road every day. The last two days I have ridden her with a saddle; before that, we were bareback on the trail rides.

Aside from saddling and ground manners, I’ve been working on moving forward. Like a lot of fresh trainees she moves out slowly, reluctantly and or cautiously. I push her forward or faster by carefully making the kiss sound, squeezing with my legs and if there is no movement, kicking gently. She eventually moves out and even trots.

On our trail rides, we do a lot of halts, turning both directions, rein–backs  and just letting her get acquainted with the world with me on her back. Rein–backs are  awkward and only two or three steps and that’s good enough for now.

If there’s anything exceptional or different about her it would be that she is extra calm when I am sitting on her back. Perhaps she has shown a little stress by acting sleepy, but she has never shown any normal resistance even down to arching her back when I first get on.

DSCF9155 db800Besides Sophie, I’ve also been riding Pearl and Sunny Delight. They are my least trained horses.

Pearl is doing excellently; she will be a fine horse. She is very light and responsive.

Sunny Delight (alias Jihad) is afraid when I first get him into the round pen. We do a little join up exercise two or three circles in both directions and he does a very clear join up, facing me and walking toward me. He needs steady riding. When he is fresh he is fearful but settles down quickly. He is way fat with no extra feed but grass. He is a good keeper.DSCF9807 wc 800

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