Horse Training/ Pearl and Kiwi

I’ve been doing my horse training marathon for three days.
The first day I rode four, which is my goal. Yesterday I only rode Pearl. It was so muddy I didn’t want to muck up the turf in my riding pens. So I kept it short and I only rode Kiwi. Today still muddy I rode Pearl and Dawn Treader.

I decided to save the turf so I went on the road a trail ride on both horses. I asked Pearl to go on ‘the over the river and through the woods’ ride. She did remarkably well. Pearl deliberately slowed down and thought about what she was doing.

Dawn Treader and I went on a trail ride as well but not the over the river ride. We did a shorter version. She is really a trained horse. After riding unfinished horses I forget. And she wants to be my friend. When I let her go after our ride she hung around with me and wanted to be buddies. Today she didn’t seem so hot-blooded.DSCF9274 wc800

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