Charity Tribute

Charity and Patriot oil 48x39

Charity and Patriot oil 48×39″

Twenty-six years ago I was training an Arabian stallion named Shocker at our place. I had an Appaloosa mare named Cotton who was bred to Shocker. They produced a leopard Appaloosa named Charity in April ’91. In May of the same year, Fantasia, an American Show Horse of mine delivered a Pinto colt sired by National Show Horse stallion CEO. My three-year-old daughter named this colt Stampin-kid. Though I sold Charity to a friend, both she and Stampin-Kid remain favorites of mine.

A couple of weeks before Charity was born I had a dream that Cotton’s foal, a leopard App, was born on her feet and just ran off. And that’s almost the way it happened. I came out early in the morning and saw the leopard newborn filly still wet, running around in circles with her mother trotting after.

Stampin-kid passed on to greener pastures in 2011. Charity passed on this May. After Charity’s passing, I remembered this painting I made of she and her foal, Patriot, also Stampin-kid’s progeny. I don’t recall that I ever put this painting in a show or even took a photo of it. Nevertheless, here it is in memory of Charity, Stampin-kid and foal, Patriot.

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