First Try at a Selfie

Selfy #1

Selfie #1

A couple of years ago Titan and I would go out for a morning run. I would sprint 100 yards and then swing on board and let him carry me till I caught my breath while he trotted on and then jump off and sprint another hundred yards. We would cover a few miles like this. I got sidetracked from this kind of exercise by cutting and splitting firewood which is necessary for the heating of our house and good exercise to boot.

On this run I decided to make my first attempt at a selfie. I think the pictures are pretty good although I could not do a selfie and sprint at the same time.  However, we were walking along at a good rate when I took the photos. Sometimes the camera missed me and sometimes it missed the horse and sometimes it missed us both and took pretty scenery pictures instead, as seen below, so the photo efforts were not a total waste.

I haven’t ridden Titan for a while, too many wild horses to tame. This little ride was a real treat for both of us.

selfy5 db800Selfie #2

 S0028968 wc 800Selfie #3

selfy 10 800Selfie #4

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