Ruby Day 18


DSCF8887 db800DSCF8890 db800Ruby had some days off because I had an art show down in Minneapolis over the weekend. I didn’t have a chance to login Wednesday and Thursday last week so I’ll give you a short review of those days. She did great. She was calm. She walked calmly. She was back to the old horse that I remember.

However, after a five-day break, her fear was right on the surface again. When we got into the round pen I groomed her. I had some spray mane detangler which I intended to use along with the rest of the grooming. She absolutely freaked; panicked because of the spray! I could see she was already worried about me, but she was back to her old self, afraid. She ripped around the pen for nearly 40 minutes . I let her run. She finally allowed me to spray the detangler.

Out of the pen I lunged her with the lead part of the mecate’. Again she wanted to go too fast. Finally she started to walk. All this lunging was an attempt to dissipate the fear.

I mounted and we took a trail ride. Suddenly she was calm. She walked down the driveway pleasantly. We stopped at the neighbors; I’d left my hat in their house. Ben went to retrieve it. When he came back to hand it to me she was afraid. I could feel her shaking and hyperventilating.

Otherwise the ride went fine. I wonder if she will allow the detangler tomorrow.

Another observation from today was that she didn’t seem to be overly interested in her old stable buddy ‘Pearl’ that she had been so deeply attached to almost to the point of obsession. I could see that she is already being best friends with two-year-old Sophie.

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