Training Log: Dawn Treader a recap

Training log: Dawn Treader a recap

Dawn Treader Today

I started saddle training Dawn Treader a year ago October 2009 and continued for a month, resumed for a month last spring May 2010 and commenced training again three weeks ago September 2010.  My present training routine consists of a trail ride to see the sites, which includes mud, branches, brush, bounding white tail deer, flushing grouse, usually some traffic, the dog and gates.  I mention all these obstacles because at various times they become issues consisting of a temptation for her to be afraid.  I’m sure she has encountered all these things on her own at pasture, but apparently the world looks different to a horse when they have a rider. A big part of a three year old’s training is allowing them to confront and rid themselves of fear.  Eventually she will become bolder with her rider than on her own. On the trail besides the obstacle training, we practice walking, trotting, the canter, halts and giving to the contact of my legs and reins.  I have been riding her with a halter or bosal; so far I have not put a bit in her mouth and I have not used spurs.

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