Another Domestic Dispute #2

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To sum up the outhouse and tricycle issue we came to a compromise. We decided to close the outhouse door (at least as often as I remember) and keep the tricycle (at least as long as it is still frozen to the ground). Thank you all for your wise counsel.

The advice from our Facebook friends relating to the tricycle and outhouse controversy was so excellent that I’ve decided to bring up another prickly issue.

The prickly disagreement, even more personal, has to do with how to keep my hair. As you know if you’ve seen me within the last 20 years or so. I’m getting to be pretty bald. You sort of run out of hair style options as to how to keep it when you don’t have hardly any. I tried shaving the remaining hair with a razor but it’s so much work to cut it off every other day or so. And on top of that I caught a look at the back of my head in two mirrors one time and it was so old and wrinkly looking it grossed me out. I decided I’d never do that again.

I tried cutting it kind of regular, like when I was in grade school, but it is so cowlicky that it sticks up straight in one spot flat on another that I couldn’t keep up with this unruliness. I even tried product like Dipidydo, but that stuff is gross and when you’re a backwoods buckaroo it seems kind of unmanly somehow.

Now after trying all the kinds of hair options left to me being nearly bald, it seemed to me the best option is to just do nothing and let it stick out or lay flat however it wants, kind of like the famous 1950s male model Albert Einstein. But Kathy wants me to comb up a lot more, like the look of 1980s male model Donald Trump. That look seems to me to be too coiffed and, well, “puffy”. I don’t think I could keep up my backwoods buckaroo image with that look. The horses wouldn’t take me serious.

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7 Responses to Another Domestic Dispute #2

  1. Kathryn says:

    Every balding man’s dilemma. Pick your battles; hair is kinda low on the list. You are just right, just as you are.

  2. Joy Hayenga says:

    I love it! 🙂

    Maybe if you went for the Donald Trump look, you could run for president next time. (But – I think you’re right – the horses wouldn’t take you seriously.) Hmmm…….

  3. J.R. says:

    Thank you Joy and Kathryn, I have been thinking about running for the presidency, but I would for sure have to make a final decision about my hair-do as Kathryn points out. If I can’t decide about which “do” to have how could I as president pick out the right battles and whether to raise taxes or not.

  4. Cherry says:

    Regardless of hairstyle, I think I’ll write you in on the ballot. I trust you more than the other candidates. Yikes!

  5. J.R. says:

    Cherry, Thanks for your support; and I trust you more than the other candidates…Yikes!

  6. Jim H says:

    Great Fun!!!!
    I’m emailing you an added look as I couldn’t figure out how to attach a pic to this site (guessing that’s not allowed anyways).

  7. J.R. says:

    Thanks Jim I used your photograph. Perhaps now with this look instead of a suave president, I can be an intelligent president.

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