I’m Back in the Saddle Again

Dune and Buddies

Dune and Buddies

I sold Dune with my promise of a bit more training. He will remain on our farm until sometime in May. Today I brought him out for a training session. I haven’t ridden him since last summer. He seemed to like to get out. There were no unpleasant issues. We walked down the driveway and then walked around the riding arena a few times. The foot to 18 inches of icy snow on the ground did not seem to inhibit him at all. On the plowed driveway I asked him to back – up several times. He did this lightly and gracefully. He will be a fine horse.

In September I broke a rib . I was loading a horse in the trailer and she fell over on me pinning me between her weight and the door. I managed to keep riding for a few more weeks to finish the Halflingers, but I was in pain and didn’t seem to be getting better. When the Halflingers went home I took a break from riding. Now three months later I’m all healed up. For me, that is a long break with no riding.

I’m back in the saddle again. It feels great.

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