Horse Training: Dune Day #3 and Luna Day #2




Luna day #2
I switched to a snaffle bit. She acted as if she had carried one before but she was way too heavy. I didn’t want to hurt her mouth so I switched back to the bosal. The rest of our lesson was all about getting her to pay attention to the bosal. Her neck was like iron-no give whatsoever when I pulled. I spent most of the time while riding messing around trying to get her to be flexible, lighten up and feel the bosal.

Dune Day #3
Today Dune received the saddle with very little stress. Once saddled I gently encouraged him to walk and then trot around the round pen. I took the saddle off and then got on bareback several times. He moved out nervously when I was mounted but he was tractable and moved where I asked: left, right and straight in the round pen. I led him down the driveway. He was nervous and skittish on the main road at the end of our driveway. I let him settle down and then jumped on. He was still tractable and going where I directed but he was heavy to turn and stop with the rope halter and lead rope that I was using for a bridle. He was almost unmanageable, especially going toward home.
I was pulling nearly as hard as I could. I felt helpless knowing he could easily run away from me having such little regard for the rope halter I was using as a bridle. Tomorrow I will ride him with the bosal. I would sooner trust my own hands to be gentle than to trust the wild, untrained colt’s goodwill with my safety.


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