Horse Training: Dune and Luna

Ellie on Red

Ellie on Red

I helped a friend purchase a five-year-old mare, half Arabian and half Morgan. She is already green broke. She has a very kind, gentle attitude. I’m continuing her training to finish her for general riding for 12-year-old Ellie. I don’t remember ever continuing someone else’s training from green broke except for Red Dee. It felt very different to be getting on a horse started by somebody else. Everyone has a different emphasis and touch. There are a lot of unaccountable, subtle differences in both horse and trainer.

Luna was not used to standing untied in the round pen for the saddle. As I started to cinch her, she would walk off. I managed to get it tight enough anyway and took a trail ride without any preparation except grooming, She was pushy and heavy as I was using a rope halter as a bridle. Even though we never went very fast, she was hard to stop and it took some effort to get her to go where I wanted to go.

My first task with Luna is to get her to lighten up and then to encourage Ellie to have light hands.

Me on Luna

Me on Luna

Training Dune Day #2: First Ride

Once loose and in the pen he kept walking away from me, so I spent a little more time chasing him around the pen. After a few minutes he wanted to be close to me. I trimmed his feet and then saddled him without restraint. After taking the saddle off, I put a rope halter on him and using the lead rope for reins I jumped on bareback. Pulling on one rein, I turned around in circles, encouraging him gently to move forward. I got on and off several times. He was watching me closely but he didn’t panic or show any signs of wanting to get rid of me.



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  1. Joy Hayenga says:

    Such a gift you have!

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