“Mission”: Colt Born May 16, 2015 6:30 AM

MISSION #1MISSION #2MISSION #3MISSION #4MISSION #5MISSION #6MISSION #7MISSION #8Last spring Titan, our stallion, was pacing the fences, watching the mares, and losing weight. For some years come springtime I had put Fanny with him (for a brief rendezvous) hoping for a colt. It never happened.  Last spring I thought perhaps a more permanent roommate for Titan might be a help to settle him down. She’s a tough old mare; I figured she could handle him. After their pecking order rituals, he did settle down, he put on some weight again, and to my pleasant surprise, Fanny got pregnant.
I separated Fanny from Titan these last few days knowing her foal’s birth was eminent. She has been spending her days close at hand in the yard around the house and her nights in the barn stall. Saturday morning I passed her stall at 6 AM on my way to make coffee. I turned her out of the stall. She rudely bumped me out of the way, as if on a mission, apparently in a hurry to get outside. I went in and made my coffee but I was bothered by her odd behavior. I went outside to take a look and see what was bothering her. What you see in the photo is a little more advanced than what I saw. She stood with the legs of a colt sticking out her hinder parts.
Corrie and Ben were up with their children, all of them apparently early risers. I announced,  “The foal is being born and if you want to see you’d better hurry.” Fanny was up-and-down three or four times, and perhaps in need of some encouragement, she went over and stood by the family, now with part of the face of the foal coming out her rear end. The rest of the birthing lasted about 15 minutes. She delivered the foal standing up. Then almost immediately, as if he’d been pent-up in a cramped space for too long, the foal got up and trotted away,  his mom and I following and trying to guide him so he wouldn’t get into trouble.
“Mission” is healthy and active, a big bay colt with a symmetrical star on his face and a white right front  pastern.


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5 Responses to “Mission”: Colt Born May 16, 2015 6:30 AM

  1. Joy Hayenga says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting this, Joel. To get to see this (albeit vicariously) is amazing.

  2. Jim Hayenga says:

    I agree! Amazing! New life – alive and prancing! Immediately! What a wonder.

  3. Kim says:

    What a beauty! Thanks for sharing. I love reading everything you write about. I miss seeing you, Art and all your horses passing through George’s old place.

  4. Kathryn says:

    I’m glad he was born during daylight hours, and I’m glad Fanny bumped you rudely. And I’m glad your camera captured the birth and that you shared the wonder with all of us. Many many thanks!

  5. This is great!! It makes us happy 🙂 Can’t wait to come up again and see you all!

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