Training Dune Day #1

DSCF7332dbDune is small for his age, barely 14 hands, although he has only just turned three so he has time to grow. He is still a stallion. As a yearling only one testicle had dropped.  When the veterinarian came over to do the surgery she suggested we wait until the second one dropped. It has been two years. It never came down. In the meantime he hasn’t shown the usual two-year old interest in the mares. I wondered about these oddities. However, he seems healthy in all other respects. He is active, precocious and playfully teases his gelding roommates.

He needed his feet trimmed as a yearling. I didn’t want to tie him so I trained him in the round pen until he stood still for the trimming. I had never round penned a yearling before. It worked nicely, just like an adult horse. I recorded the experience in this blog.

When I brought him into the round pen, he took it like an old pro. He knew just what to do. He received the sacking with the blanket and then the saddling with fewer traumas than probably any other horse I have experienced. I assume he was remembering the procedure from two years ago. He did not buck the saddle but only hunched up his back and cantered a rough gallop, and then came back to my side.

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