Progressive Training?

TARA JRL This morning Tara was dancing and bucking in the pasture like a-month-old filly. I figure she is mostly recovered from the weaning of her colt and feeling frisky.

Tara was feeling her oats when I rode her as well. She seemed wilder in the round pen and bucked the saddle with a will. I rode her out into the training pen where she continued with mild protest by shaking her head and being willful, showing mild defiance as I gave her my cues.

In training you take three steps forward, the next day two steps backward, the next day four steps forward and so on. It is never a steady progression. Remember that, if you’re ever frustrated with what seems to be unreasonable backward regression in training. Of course,  now I’m speaking mostly to myself.

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  1. Joy Hayenga says:

    Thank you for those wise words.

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