Preparing for more Advanced Lessens: Horse and Rider

TARA JRL (2) Not remembering how advanced in training Tara was when I left off training two years ago, I needed to make an assessment of her training level to plan the next steps in training. I am hoping that Tara can be the lesson horse for the daughter of Tara’s owner.

Tara immediately joined-up in the round pen as I put her through the usual beginning horse training regimen during the first lesson after bringing her here. When I mounted I was pleasantly surprised. She was light and responsive to my aids: legs, hands and voice. She seemed quite advanced in training.

After the quiet and responsive first ride in two years, my second lesson was equally quiet and successful. After riding Tara myself for a few minutes, I allowed my friend Kathryn, who has had very little experience on horses, to sit on Tara and ride around in the round pen a couple of times. Everything went fine. I could see that Tara was patient and a little more experienced than her rider.







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2 Responses to Preparing for more Advanced Lessens: Horse and Rider

  1. Kathryn says:

    Look how hard I am concentrating! After a week of this I could advance to thinking less furiously about what to do next. Thank you for the ride, Joel!

  2. brent erickson says:

    Nice to see my girly is doing good. Nice pixs of her and her new cowgirl.

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