Chicken Goals


DSC03138dbMy goal is to breed a self–sustaining flock of chickens for both meat and eggs. Over the years I’ve been close to making this happen but have been thwarted by predators: skunks, foxes and once a dog.

My good friend and neighbor gave me two hens. One is broody with four eggs of all different colors and sizes. The other came with two chicks. These hens are bantam size. I placed three of my own eggs under the broody hen. They were brown, white and blue, being from various large breeds of my old flock.

Bantams, especially the flock from which these came, tend to be broody, that is, they will sit on the eggs and hatch them. The trait of broodiness has nearly disappeared from most of the other breeds. I’d like to see if I can get the broody trait back through these bantam hens and then see if I can breed this broody trait into a larger chicken using these bantams as a foundation stock.

The chicks are due to hatch on August 7.

chicks 017 (2)db

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3 Responses to Chicken Goals

  1. Kathryn says:

    That is one glorious rooster! I want to photograph him when I come up this coming weekend. I wish you tasty success in your breeding experiments…

  2. J.R. says:

    Thank you Kathryn, He is resplendent isn’t he?! He’s cocky too! Couple years ago he took on our stallion in a fight. He lost one of his spurs in the battle. I don’t think Titan paid much attention, or spent any extra time otherwise it would’ve gone worse for Rooster.

  3. Jim H. says:

    Incredible photos! Especially of the rooster. If you painted it, people would just assume that the placement of all of the visuals came from an artistic decision and not from life. Really, nicely done!

    Keep us informed on how the brooding experiment is going. I’m also happy for your hens as they get to live a free range style of life – that must help the brooding too.

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