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The following exuberant blog was written March 10. For some reason I didn’t post it. I thought spring had sprung. The next day my hopes were dashed! We were hit by a blizzard followed by -30° temperatures and then more blizzards.

It feels like summer at 45°F. This is a 70° rise in temperature in the last week. I went out without my hat and gloves. The horses were feeling frisky. I was feeling frisky. I went out to see if the snow was up past the bellies of the horses in the round pen. Once I got the gate shoveled loose, Spic followed me into the pen. It was only about 2 feet deep and slushy. I decided to play join up games with Spic. He was enthusiastic, happy to do stuff and after a few a minutes he joined up nice and friendly. I petted him all over his furry body and then opened the gate and went back to Span. Spic followed without a lead, close behind like a puppy dog. Span acted wild, and snorting like an Arab, strutted and pretended he was afraid. However, before I left his pen, he came up to be petted after putting on his wild horse impersonation. This was the first day of spring training. I hope I can keep on training steady until they are an all around respectable driving team and saddle horses.

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