Pack Trip

Some of us packed our horses  for a trip into the wilderness last weekend.

The sky looks ever so deep when you lay on your back in the moonshine; I never knowed it before. “Huckleberry Finn” Mark Twain.

I lay on my back in the moonshine looking into the deep sky myself Sunday morning 3 AM.  I was snug and warm in my bed role under the stars and on the frosty ground.  As Huckleberry suggests, no matter how often I gaze into the stars it is always a rare experience.

Some of us packed our horses for a trip into the wilderness last weekend and that is also a rare experience these days.  Yet the historians speculate that this method of travel besides just piling your possessions on your back and hiking afoot is the oldest means of transport. Genghis Khan conquered nearly all of Asia and Europe carrying his vast armies, supplies and weapons across the continents in just this way.  Here is a passage from Joe Back’s “Horses Hitches and Rocky Trails,” ‘This here tough Mongolian must have had a lot of transportation problems, and he and his hellish helpers had no oiled roads all mapped out and ready to travel on. Those boys must have blazed a lot of trails where eagles lost their way. I don’t think we were quite up to the ambitious problems that the Khan had, but pecking order issues, crabby mares, horses traveling at different speeds, intermittent jiggyness on the part of some, everything has to be worked out.  You can see how complicated situations could get; it would take some practice and miles for everything to run perfectly smoothly.  However after mentioning the possibility of problems, we did pretty well, and we had fun even Martine our youngest traveler who’s four had a good time.

Stan cooked us some delicious chilly, we had great conversation; John read to us some cowboy poetry and then off to our own camp sites and a billion stars for company.  As I lay gazing into the deep sky at 3 AM, I could not hear one sound, not a truck, not an owl, not even a breeze, just pure silence.

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