Barrels Canter Canter_wc-1 Full Pass over the pole Jumping figure 8Cypriot looks like a forty’s era B Western hero’s horse with his lush thick mane and tail and flashy pinto color. He was born in 1999. He was Dancer’s first foal and Stamp’n Kid is his sire. He is mostly Arab with a dash of Saddlebred. He’s just under 16 hands tall. When I started training him I followed some books about training dressage horses. Later in his life I introduced him to Ed Connell’s California vaquero method of training and horsemanship.

Cypriot is always the dominant horse in whatever group of horses I put him with and besides that he is ultra hot-blooded. During training he was worried and sensitive about everything. Once trained I sold Cypriot to a friend but it turned out they didn’t really connect well. Cypriot became more difficult, had some health problems and came back to me. When he came back I decided to make him my horse. And since then he has been my main horse and favorite ride. I took him to a lot of “Cowboy Mounted Shooter” contests and trail rides all over the place. But alas lately, I haven’t had as much time for him as I would like. My friend Anna comes out every so often and rides him and they make a nice pair, but this summer she hasn’t been out to visit much, so nobody has really touched Cypriot accept to trim his feet.

A little over a week ago I decided to ride him in a friendly horsy play-day in Grand Marais. So I brought him out every day for six days before the play day. Cypriot was excited to get out, easy to catch and difficult to work with. I was not deterred by his bad behavior. By the fifth day he was great, back to his old trained self. I nearly forgot what a pleasure he is to ride.

At the play-day I gave my camera to a friend and she took pictures of all the riders. I admit I’m prejudice towards Cypriot, so it seems to me that the best pictures were of him.

Sprinting for the finish line Trotting home Trotting the maze Turning the barrel

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  1. Treg says:

    Great shots of a beautiful horse, and a super pairing of high- spirited beings!

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