Dancer is 20 years old. Up until a few weeks ago, I suspected it, but I didn’t if know she was pregnant. She did not seem very big to me and I thought that the belly she did have was because of the many foals she has carried over her lifetime. Also she had lost some body fat in the last month or two. I had been keeping her over at Rogers and I didn’t see her very often maybe once a month or so. About three weeks ago Roger sent me an e-mail saying she looked different. I rode over to look. She still didn’t look very big, but sure enough I could see that her bag was starting to swell.  I left Dawn Treader at Rogers farm and rode Dancer home.

Dancer has had a light chronic cough at various times and a few times I’ve had to administer penicillin because she as had a history of pneumonia. Last year twice during her pregnancy with Dune and she got pneumonia. I administered penicillin and she healed right up. A week ago it appeared that the pneumonia was back again with the usual symptoms heavy, shallow, breathing and depression. I administered penicillin, but this time the apparent pneumonia was unaffected and her symptoms did not change.

This morning I went out at 5:30 and discovered the brand-new bay filly and Dancer lying in the round pen by the barn. Dancer’s breathing was normal. a veterinarian may be able to explain or deny, but my theory now is that she was carrying the foal in such a way that it was causing some difficulty in her breathing.

I’m calling the filly Sophia.



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2 Responses to BORN THIS MORNING

  1. Mary Ofjord says:

    Beautiful Joel! Always a pleasure to see new life! Good luck, Sophia! And Dancer!

  2. J.R. says:

    Thanks Mary, now were at day four and everything’s going fine. It appears that they’re both putting on some weight.

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