Stacy’s Instructions: Day 2


Today I followed Stacy’s instructions more accurately. We walked, halted and trotted over obstacles, and reined back between every transition again and again. Titan walked and trotted like a perfect gentleman, as if he was on the bit as a dressage horse. He knows how to, and has never had any trouble, backing up. He moves in reverse as fast or slow as I like in whichever direction I ask. Reins were loose for the whole training session.  After trotting or rather floating across a cavalletti (an evenly spaced group of poles approximately 6″ x 6”and 18 feet long), he showed a little stress by bobbing his head slightly and breathing heavier. When he is very stressed, the head bobbing and heavy breathing are dramatic. These exercises are meant to eliminate this stress.

He never broke a sweat. We never cantered.



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