Anna on Horses

Riding Horses for me means a lot of things. It can be about exercise, being with an animal, the excitement of training an animal, my own mental health, and using the unique qualities of the horse to help rehabilitate others.  The word that comes to my head is “balance” that describes it all. Balance is used frequently in the horse world to mean balance in the seat of the rider or balance in the movement of the horse. I would include that in my description, as it is something I strive for when I learn how to ride better. In my experience, the riding and training of a horse takes a lot of confidence and assertion but extreme patience as well.  My correction needs to be soft and assertive which takes a great amount of self-control and selflessness. Riding also affects the balance I get in my attitude and confidence as a woman, mother and wife. Sometimes I come to meet the horse with a lot of emotional baggage and I am easily frustrated.  The horse teaches me quickly that I need to be balanced while riding or training that horse.    Finally as I get closer to a place in my life as an occupational therapist that I can share horses to help with rehabilitation or healing of others, I am challenged with the balance of work and play and the balance of rider and instructor. In the past my experience has been wonderful to provide opportunities for people to heal and change on the horse but it takes a huge commitment. So I often am torn or challenged with balancing working with others and being with my family as my children grow.

Horses will always be a part of my life if I can help it. I am in love with their smell and the softness of their nose and mouth. I am calmed by their warmth and enjoy their different personalities. I look forward to tipping the bar to having more time with horses and still being able to keep up with my responsibilities as a wife and mother. Finally, I am excited for when the time is right and I can once again be part of the healing process of working with others and horses as well.


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