I have been introducing some of my horses.  Now I’d like to introduce some my horse riding friends.  The horses can’t speak for themselves, but my human riding buddies can, so here’s Molly in her own words.

Molly and Klu

My name is Molly.  I live in Cook county, MN.  I’m home schooled and in 7th and 8th grade.  My favorite subject in school is science.  My favorite activities are horseback riding and drawing.  Some things I like to draw are animals and designs for clothes and houses and stuff.  The funnest thing I did so far this summer was going to camp.  I’m looking forward to riding Klu in the horse games during the fair in August, and starting to work with a different horse after the fair.  I’ve been riding for a little over a year.  I really like it.  It’s fun and challenging.

Why I Like Horses by Molly Meyer

I like horses for many different reasons.  I like how their muscles move and show better when they trot and canter.  I like the sounds they make, their furry bodies, and warm breath.  I mostly like them because we can ride them and because they can be our friends.
I think that it’s cool that we can train an animal that has a will and a thinking mind to want to cooperate with us, especially a horse (or an elephant), because they’re so big and powerful!  Of course, I’ve never trained a horse, so I don’t know exactly how hard it is!
One thing that I would like to learn to do and get good at is reining. There are lots of exercises in reining such as spin and rundowns.  When performing a spin your horse should be crossing over with its front feet and its hind end should stay in one spot.  The pattern is four quick spins in each direction.  There are of course some exercises that come before the actual spin that will help you and your horse learn to spin.  Spins and rundowns are not the only reining exercises, but I like spins the best.
Joel is teaching me some exercises that are supposed to help people and their horses learn to spin.  One is going in a circle and spiraling inwards. This should help the horse learn to cross its front feet over.  That one was easier but the other ones were harder.  We are also working on side pass and backing up.
I didn’t know that there was so much to learn about riding and about horses before I started riding.  There’s so much to remember.  I hope to keep learning for all the rest of my life!


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