Horse Training: Crusoe, Day Twelve

At liberty in the round pen, Crusoe stood patiently, allowing me to groom him and trim his hind feet. I did not tie him or do any round penning during the process. I saddled him and took him for a trail ride. I led him to the end of the driveway as usual, but when I mounted I coaxed him to carry me down the county road an extra quarter mile. As we rode we practiced the halt. After a dozen halts and starts it became apparent that he was beginning to anticipate my body language in preparation for the halt. Consequently he became light on the bosal.

I have a potential buyer for Crusoe, who wants to accomplish the beginning training herself. So I’m going to stop my training regimen on Crusoe here at day 12 and work with other horses until I hear something definite from the buyer.

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