Horse Training: Crusoe, Day Eleven

Crusoe's First Ride

Fanny, Red, and Crusoe got their front hooves trimmed. The difference between Crusoe and the mares was that they were tied and he was at liberty. When he resisted or was afraid, I gently asked him to move around me in the round pen. He really wants to be by me, so he is motivated to stand by me even though he was somewhat uncomfortable about me touching his feet, especially at the beginning of the training session. He wasn’t ready to allow me to trim his back hooves; that is still pretty scary to him. At one point he was rude to me by taking his hind foot away from me quickly. At this point I feigned stern in my body language. By the end of the session he allowed me to hold both his back feet. I will work at it again tomorrow.

After our round pen work, I saddled him, put the bosal on and led him down the driveway where I mounted and rode him home. This was the first time riding with the saddle. He was worried about all the sights and sounds in the woods around us, but he was not bothered or concerned about me, the extra weight or the squeaky saddle. He was not concerned at all (he did not arch his back or protest in anyway) but then he didn’t pay much attention to me either. Like all beginner colts he had no idea what all the pulling on his nose was about. However, he was a little better at obeying the halt command tonight. He seemed to remember (possibly from round pen repetitions) the verbal command “whoa” and the kiss sound for walk on.



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