HORSE TRAINING: Bucking Horses and Angry Young Men: Backwoods Philosopher

The old-time cowboys and wranglers that I read about when I was a kid would rope their favorite horse out of the herd every morning, saddle up, get on and buck him out. After all the bucks were gone they would begin their day of roping and herding cattle. There was a certain pride in having a horse that had enough wildness left in him that he needed to have the kinks worked out every day. I’ve had a couple of horses like that.

I suppose these 18-year-old cowboys had enough hormonal frustrations in their souls that they needed a fight to work out their own kinks. I know what that feels like. I can relate. I’m not judging. Perhaps working out kinks and frustrations on a bucking bronco is a more positive, safer way than most of the other methods I have heard of. However nowadays those issues are pretty much behind me and my goal is to move those horses that have bucking issues to new levels of peace and stability.

I know there are rare cowboys and horses whose issues run so deep in their souls that fear or frustration can never be entirely worked out. Most graduate into a usable horse beyond a bucker.

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