Thunder and lightning were crackling and flashing, encircling the sky as I spent a little time with Splash between rainstorms today. When we got into the pen he started to trot. I put my hands out and said, “whoa.” He immediately walked up to me and stood. I went through my ritual of grooming and picking up his feet. The lightning and thunder was getting more dramatic. It was starting to rain. I put the saddle on. Before I could finish the buckle he leapt in the air and commenced his high, twisty bucking. I had to jump back to avoid the thrust of his lightning fast back feet from his first leap.  I let him buck, pretending to encourage him to move. When he finished bucking I lounged him until he was relaxed. I called him to me. He came and stood beside me. It was raining pretty hard now. I called it a day.

If I could avoid imaginations of myself or worse a teenage girl trying to ride it out, it is almost poetry to watch. He bucks with a professional flair, like he’s on salary.

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