Red Dee

Red Dee

Red Dee

Tona Red Dee is a 1997 Quarter Horse mare from halter champion lines. She stands 15.2 hands. I think she weighs about twelve hundred pounds. Compared to my Arabs she is definitely a cold blood. She is very athletic, responsive and finger tip light.

When I bought her she was a green broke nine year old. The people who owned her never rode her so she had been out to pasture for her five years. When I road tested her in front of the seller she was fresh and she bucked. I offered five hundred less than they were asking, and I took her home. I rode her, put some more training on her and because she was gentle and calm, she became a lesson horse, but that didn’t work for long. The crabbiness lurking inside became apparent and started to take advantage of her inexperienced riders.

Retired as lesson horse I trained her to harness, so that she could haul firewood for us. She gave us two nice colts, but this summer 2010 she was open (not pregnant) so I resolved to refine her training. Red tended to be crabby when she was fresh like a kid getting interrupted from her favorite TV show. After half an hour she became a willing worker. Now after a summer of steady riding she is very pleasant from the start. They say wet saddle blankets are the cure for bitchy mares in her case it has proven true. I rode her in our local three-event contest “The Timex.” She came in second. I didn’t feel bad.  She came in a very close second to one of our horses ‘Easter’ ridden by my good friend and riding buddy Mary Beth. We’ll introduce her and Easter soon.

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  1. Patty says:

    Wet saddle blankets? Does that mean lots of riding? Or literally, wet? I’m pretty sure if I were a mare with a wet blanket, I’d be significantly more bitchy than usual… She did do a beautiful job at the Timex!

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