Come to THE PIG SHANGRI-LA (an exclusive spa for pigs) We have it all.

PIG AMORE’S romantic interludes in the glade

PIG SOLITUDE  peaceful reflections in the glen

PIG SLEEP-IN  as long as you like

PIG SUNBATHERS a popular afternoon activity

PIG GOURMET DINNERS fabulous all-you-can-eat smorgasbord’s

For a few of you ladies (Facebook friends) who are concerned about the laundry especially relating to pigs, I thought I should offer a little synopsis of the pork project to date and then some of the thought behind it.

Around the beginning of the 20th century there were a lot of farms up here in the Arrowhead but the boreal forests have reclaimed the land for the last hundred years. You can still find many relics and ruins of old farmsteads when you’re exploring the woods. Our place was an old farmstead that retained a small clearing.

Today there are only a couple of working farms in the county so we’re not locally sustainable, although these days with mistrust of the big food corporations people are keeping chickens and growing gardens. Many people are experimenting with raising their own food. The Roundup Pork Project is part of that process.

Andy, a neighbor, raised a couple of feeder pigs last year with the goal of pork for Christmas. It all worked out well. He asked a few of us in the community if we would be interested in trying out pork production for ourselves since he already had a contact down in Iowa for buying pigs. Five of us decided to give it a try.

Because of another deal up here in the Arrowhead, the seller wanted to come two weeks early. We had an old goat pen on our property that we thought we could beef up and use for pigs, but it wasn’t ready. Andy offered to keep them at his place for a couple of days so that we could make preparations.  We had 3 to 4 inches of rainfall during those interim days. The mud that you see in the Facebook photos is not just from pigs, but was particularly deep in that little space where they’d been tromping around for those couple of days. The mud splattered everyplace was mostly good, clean mud, but we noticed how difficult it was to get hog smell off our hands after carrying them to the truck.

As for other reasons beside the pork space, those of us involved with the Round up Pork Project are good friends so that doing a project gives us an excuse for hanging out, visiting and getting to know each other better by working together.

Post Script: Yesterday we had a bear in our yard. It is the first bear we’ve seen at our place for at least a year. It is possible that the bears may add a little excitement to ‘Pig Shangri-La’. I understand that bears like pork too.

Introducing our staff

TREG (the general supervisor)

KEVIN ( the in-house counselor)

ANNA (activities coordinator and her husband Scott plays a role as financial adviser)

BEN (sustainable living adviser)

JOEL (grounds and maintenance grunt worker)


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