Horse Training: Dina-mite, Day Two

Today Dina-mite was a lot more relaxed and compliant than yesterday. I could still feel her tension but not as much as yesterday. I spent extra time in the round pen where she was able to walk and trot around me relaxed. She doesn’t pay much attention to my verbal cues. Perhaps she is used to Molly’s voice. When I got on, we walked, trotted and cantered. She seemed a little crabby on the canter; nevertheless her canter was consistent, forward and I didn’t have to push her to keep her going or pull on her to keep a steady rate of speed. Her halts and rein-back were awkward or somewhat resistant.

It is still too soon to evaluate her deficiencies and thereby make a plan as to what to emphasize in training. Generally, apart from building her confidence and lessening her stress, my goal is to make her a bridle horse. I will double rein her but use only the bosal. She will carry the half breed curb bit to get used to its weight but I will not apply any pressure to the bit. Along with the regular utility exercises I will emphasize suppleness and correctness on the halt and the rein-back.

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