Horse Training: Dina-mite

KHAVEL is Dina-mite’s registered name. She is eight years old. Her bloodlines go back to Crabbet-bred Arabians from Great Britain. True to what I have heard about the Crabbet lines she is structurally correct, gentle and good tempered, stocky for an Arab, athletic and barely 14 hands high.

In whichever group of horses I put her, Dina-mite is always the lowest in the pecking order. I called her “Dyna-mite” because she is little and explosive, though manageable. She answers every problem with “go as fast as you can”. However, though stressed, she is able to pull herself together for the sake of her rider. She is very respectful of a human’s space. She has never shown any aggression. She has been easy to train, so far.

I started her when she was five, reasonably responsive and, I believed, safe. I turned her over to then 11-year-old Molly. I haven’t ridden her very much since. Now I am planning to polish her training up. Besides encouraging her to be more responsive to the aids, my goal is to help her to lose her stress, become more secure and to enjoy herself.

Today for the first time I rode her with a half breed curb bit and a pencil bosal. I just let her carry the bit. I never touched the reins to the bit. She didn’t seem to mind the bit at all, but she was hard on the bosal, which I was using. She was heavy and threw her head around impatiently.  After a while I took the pencil bosal and bridle off and switched back to her regular bosal. She acted little a better but not much. Though we didn’t work very hard, she worked up a good sweat even though it was a cool day. Her worry and lack of responsiveness to the bridle were caused partially because she has not been ridden very much this past winter.

Molly has ridden nearly once a week and I have ridden her only two or three times this winter. Now I plan to ride her for 60 days and log her progress in this blog. Molly will ride her as well and I will pay more attention when Molly is riding. This way Molly and I can collaborate about Dynamite’s progress.

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  1. Jim says:

    I will be looking forward to watching her progress.

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