Training Titan

Titan is my seven year old Arabian stallion. So far I have been his only rider. He has had a long winter break but now for the last 10 days or so I’ve been riding him nearly every day except during blizzards. He is my favorite ride. Whether he is sassy or compliant I thoroughly enjoy riding him. He is aloof, willful, very light, intuitive, responsive and quick. At some levels he is one of the best trained horses but there are some gaps in his education.

One missing part is that I haven’t ridden him at any events. Controlled socialization is a good exercise for stallions and teenagers, teaching them how to behave with the opposite sex and strangers of the same sex. With horses it makes them better,  more patient citizens. Titan needs some horse events so that he can learn how to contain his amorous emotions and be polite.

Titan also needs to learn to rate. Rate means traveling at the speed that I set for him. Titan pushes me to faster and faster speeds at a canter or gallop. My answer, and it seems to be working,  is lots of exposure to cantering and galloping. I do this in circles. This does seem to work, but slowly.

If I use Titan as a cowboy mounted shooter horse he needs to be exposed to guns and to earplugs. He is over sensitive and rebellious to my touching his ears. So he needs more exposure to my handling his ears as well.

Titan needs lots and lots of exposure.

Today I caught Titan, groomed him, picked up his feet, gently petted and stroked his ears, saddled and rode him. He was fussy about his ears but not wild and angry like sometimes. I want him to receive my ear petting like it’s no big deal at all. We walked down our quarter-mile driveway and then half-passed back giving equal time to both sides. He has a more difficult time moving left then moving right. I want both sides to be equal in compulsion and cadence. We cantered and galloped in a big figure 8 around my riding pen. He was fresh today from not riding for two days due to the blizzard. He pushed hard on the gallop and since we were going through deep snow (perhaps 20 inches deep) and riding in a circle, I let him go fast. After five or ten minutes he slowed down on his own. His lead changes are smooth, straight and unperceivable.


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