Winter Riding

When I’m not riding, I’m not writing, thus the long delay in posting. Since Titan’s long ice vacation, he can hardly contain his joyful exuberance and neither can I.

The ground is so icy lately that it has been very difficult to get out on a horse. However, just before Marybeth left after Christmas break to go back to college, we took a horse ride together. I rode my stallion Titan. I haven’t ridden him since Thanksgiving. It may be the longest time that I have neglected to ride him since I started him as a two-year-old. I didn’t think to warm him up. Marybeth was waiting. He was very fresh. We rode to George’s and he was jiggy and difficult the whole ride. It’s fun to ride a spunky horse, though perhaps not so fun on the ice. It’s a bad precedence. Even if he doesn’t slip and fall over, I hate the odd chance of bumping his mouth with the bit when he is acting up. When we got back, Titan and I went into the round pen. After  10 or 15 minutes he joined up, but he was still sassy and difficult so I cantered him in circles for 10 more minutes or so. Titan didn’t seem to be bothered by the ice but enjoyed himself the whole time, especially after he had settled down with the round penning and cantering.

I didn’t ride him for a whole week. Assuming that he would be very fresh again, we started right out with the round pen, but it still wasn’t enough so I got on board and we cantered in circles for 15 minutes again.

It is 0° but Titan does not break a sweat or even breathe hard. After our warm-up, Titan is pleasant, tractable and feels.  We both have an enjoyable ride.

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