People tell me Cypriot looks like the B-western hero’s horse. Indeed he is flashy, hot-blooded and ultra sensitive.   Cypriot was born on our farm in 1999. He is the progeny of one our Arabian mares “Dancer” and our ¾ Arabian and ¼ Saddle bred stallion Stampin Kid.  That makes him 13/16th Arabian 3/16th Saddle-bred.  He is 15-3 hands and a bay pinto gelding.

Cypriot competing in a ‘Cowboy Mounted Shooting’ contest

At the time of his birth our daughter was living on the island of Cyprus.  He has a spot on his croup shaped like the island. Cypriots are inhabitant of the island, hence the name Cypriot.

Cypriot has been my main horse for the last few years. We have traveled out west a couple of times, and participated in various Cowboy Mounted Shooting contests.  He gets me to the targets in a hurry, so the last few times we’ve come in second or won at our level.  We have won a lot at home in our local Cook County speed events, in fact, almost every time we compete.   We also have a local eventing contest called the “The Timex”. It has three judged events.  One event requires over-all manners and general presentation in the arena, another manners and efficiency on a trail course complete with jumps, creeks and bridges and finally an obstacle course in the arena requiring dexterity at various tasks you might encounter on a trail ride. Cypriot has participated a few times in the Timex and he has either won the Timex or brought home ribbons, never leaving empty handed.

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