Horse Training: Johnny’s Report Card

Johnny Walker has gone back to his owner. I generally have a three year old for only thirty days, but I got to keep Johnny for sixty.  The extra thirty days with Johnny really helped to finish him in the basic training.

Here are his grades:

  1. P-problem
  2. NO-no opportunity
  3. AD-adequate
  4. G-good
  5. E-excellent

A finished horse would be excellent in nearly everything.

Trained Horse List


Ground manners

  • halter broke    G
  • lifts legs          E
  • touch any place    E
  • respects human space  AD
  • gives to pressure    G
  • lunges                 AD
  • receives bridle     G
  • receives saddle    G stands nicely, but has a tendency to be cinchy
  • trailers               NO

Saddle manners

  • calm                            G
  • balanced                    G
  • straight                    G
  • responsive to leg aids G
  • responsive to bit/bosal moves to leg pressure    G
  • responsive to verbal commands G
  • gate transitions walk/trot walk/walk/canter and downward G
  • Leg aids             G
  • Lead changes  AD
  • Shoulder in      G
  • traverse AD moves better right
  • half pass AD
  • full pass  AD
  • Turns on forehand       E
  • Turns on hunches       AD
  • Rein-back    G
  • halts                       G

Trail manners

  • follows or leads other horses allows horse length    AD
  • calmly negotiates obstacles mud water trees gates etc.    G
  • minimal separation anxiety                                  E
  • Tethers by halter or foot        NO
  • Hobbles                        AD
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2 Responses to Horse Training: Johnny’s Report Card

  1. Marije says:

    Hi Joel,
    It’s interesting, and a lot of fun, to have been able to follow Johnny’s training from beginning to end. I’ve learned quite a few things that will help me in my own training.
    Looking forward to your next ‘project’. I guess you won’t have a lot of training going on in winter?

  2. J.R. says:

    Thank you Marije,
    Winter training is hampered by frequent heavy winds and cold, but mostly ice. Almost from the time Johnny left until this last week we have had difficult riding conditions, because of ice. But now we have a nice layer of snow covering the ice, so I plan to get back to training.
    I hope to finish Jihad for both driving and riding this winter.

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