Horse training: Here’s Johnny, Day Three



Here are a few baby pictures of Johnny


It has been a rainy windy day.  I waited for a break between the squalls and then went to fetch Johnny.  When he saw me coming he trotted to me and stuck his nose in the bosal.  There were no preliminaries, no round pen.  I saddled, lounged and rode right off down the road.  We trotted, walked and practiced halts.  Toward the end of our ride, he was starting to anticipate my cues already becoming lighter.  Once when I asked him to stand for the 15 to 30 seconds after a halt he had a little tantrum by shaking his head and rearing.

A horse learns by repetition same as us.  Sometimes they lapse sometimes the rebel, but with steady repetition they learn.  It is a kind of physical memory like a typist typing, not like a scientist compiling data and then drawing conclusions. However, every-so-often they surprise you by showing some levels of reasoning ability,  for instance unlocking a gate.

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  1. Joe Keough says:


    First and foremost this website/blog is great. I check it multiple times daily waiting in great anticipation for the next update on Johnnie.
    I have to say Joel, I am amazed yet not suprised on how quickly you got to know Johnnie. From the time I have spent working with him and nursing his previous injury I came to the exact same conclusions in regard to his personality and behavior. He is definitely a gregarious, outgoing, and bold young horse. Although many times he has frustrated me I could tell that it was a communication issue (on my part). Being new to horses I feel like every blog entry that I read is ancient horse whisperer wisdom being passed down to me. I am loving it. My intuition tells me that when Johnnie matures he is going to be bold yet willing, courageous yet not overconfident, and always willing to tackle the next obstacle he faces. Amanda and I are both super excited to get back to the backwoods and be eye witnesses of your art of horse training.

    Fair winds and following seas,


  2. J.R. says:

    Thank you Joe, I am having a lot of fun with Johnny. He will be a great horse.

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