Kholusion is a gray ten-year-old 14.1-2 hands Arabian gelding. His pedigree traces back to the old British Crabbet lines.

Various Arabian books I have read describe an Arab character as calm, gentle and friendly to work around, but tractable, cooperative and energetic to ride.  I finally found one that really exemplifies all of those virtues.  Klu is rare in this way; very few horses are as versatile with their riders. He is the kind of horse that anybody can ride and enjoy the ride.  Klu manages beginners politely and safely, but when a more experienced person rides him,  he is found to be plenty of horse with spirit and athletic ability.

In short, I’m very pleased with him.

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  1. Patty says:

    So are we! Klu has been a wonderful boy, and he and Molly made a beautiful pair. Thanks for sharing him with her!

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