Jihad 2: a crusade for a principle or belief Merriam-Webster

I nicknamed Sonny Dee Lite “Jihad” because the word best describes my life, including my current horse circumstances.

Stan, Amanda and I met in Duluth to speculate on a horse for sale.  Amanda is a farrier who discovered Sonny Dee Lite (his registry name I have given him the nickname Jihad) at one of her clients.  We arrived at the farm agreeing to buy only if he was absolutely spectacular.  A lady greeted us in the round pen with Dee who is indeed a spectacular colt.  Muscles shimmering under his tight, glossy, black coat.  I worked with him in the round pen for a few minutes to take a careful look. I’m a sucker for a pretty colt.

As I came out of the pen the lady asked me, “Have you been doing this a long time?”  I replied, “Why, do I look tired? She replied, “Yes!” Then she got embarrassed and made an attempt at an apology,  ‘I guess we’re all getting up there!’

In truth I have been training colts for a long time.  Forty years ago I was at party fresh out of the mountains for some socialization in the big city of Livingston Montana. I got in a conversation with a weathered, rough looking old cob probably around 70.  He asked me what I was doing in these here parts.  I said I was breaking horses up at the Arthun place. He spoke with authority in his whiskey voice as if declaring an absolute summation on a little known but important truth about life, “Breaking horses is the roughest job there is!”

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