How to Ride a Horse THROUGH THE GATE

We are working on a training program to explain with video, photographs, illustrations and the printed word how to ride a horse through a gate.  The campaign will attempt to describe the succession of steps in training for this seemingly simple enterprise.

There are several actions required for this simple trick. These are taught separately, employing specific training one movement at a time.

  • Standing quietly
  • Standing quietly by an object
  • walk on
  • back-up
  • side step left and right
  • turn on forehand
  • turn on back quarters

As you can readily see, these movements will apply in all sorts of trail riding and arena situations making for a well-mannered, pleasant partner.


Marybeth spent last summer riding and training then four year old Easter for general dexterity and politeness. Some of this training related to movements needed for going through a gate. Fresh as Easter was after almost 9 months of not being ridden, he did not forget last summer’s training during Marybeth’s first ride of the season in May.

Molly started riding Dina-mite last fall. Dina is a kind horse, but still green. Molly and I hope to teach Dina to ride through the gate with all the techniques that requires this summer. We will document her training in this blog. Above you can see this movement is not as easy as it may seem.





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